Martin's Gorge Tours

Columbia Gorge Tour Rates

Rates and Reservations

For tours with minimum participation requirements:

Waterfall & Wildflower / Guided Hikes or Nature Walks / Scenic- Interpretive Tours:

  • “Half-day” tour at $100/guest (2-4 hour duration). 
  • “Full day” tour of longer duration at $130/guest (4-6 hours).

Winery / Brewery / Cider / Distillery Tours: 

  • “Premium” tour at $190/guest for any three venues including tasting fees at each winery/distillery, and one pint at each brewery/cider house.  
  • “Standard” tour for an à la carte rate of $130/guest, if all guests agree to pay their own venue fees. 

Any 2 Tour Combinations … Best value at only $150/person, or $200/person if featuring adult beverages and including tasting fees at venues.

Custom Tours…Please call for pricing.

Groups of 10 or more will receive a 10% discount with advance reservations.